By Staff

Vol. 11, No. 4, 1989, p. 20

War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It by movement lawyer Brian Glick traces “the history of CIA style ‘covert action’ by the FBI and other homefront police agencies” to show “how this hidden war has be come a permanent feature of U.S. politics, directed against a very broad range of domestic movements for peace and social justice.” Glick “details practical steps. . .to combat covert measures.” $5 plus $1.50 postage and handling from South End Press, P.O. Box 7816, Edison, NJ 08818.

Thc State of Working America by the Economic Policy Institute concludes that average workers lost ground economically over the last decade. Hourly wages in 1979 averaged $9.65 in 1987 dollars while today they average $8.98 per hour after adjustment for inflation. Young families are hardest hit, with the income of families whose main breadwinner is under 25 declining by 3 percent a year since 1979. The typical young working family today has has [sic] almost $4,000 less to spend than in 1967. The report is $5 from EPI, 1730 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Suite 812, Washington, DC. (202-7758810).

Thc Greenpeace Guide to Toxics in thc Home contains recipes for alternatives to toxic cleaners, polishes and sprays commonly used in most U.S. households. The pamphlet is free to anyone contributing $15 or more to Greenpeace. For info, write P.O. Box 3720, Washington, DC 20007.

Quarantincs and Death. The Far Right’s Homophobic Agenda is a new booklet analyzing the differences between white supremacists who are also homophobic and general homophobia on the New Right. Written by Mab Segrest and Leonard Zeskind and published by the Center for Democratic Renewal, the report argues that issues of anti-gay violence ought to be included within the framework of all anti-hate group activity. $4 from CDR, P.O. Box 50469, Atlanta, GA 30302 (4042210025).

Shopping for a Better World is a 128-page pocket rating guide for “socially responsible supermarket shopping,” published by the New York-based Council on Economic Priorities. Do you buy Meow Mix for your cat? Using this guide you discover that Ralston Purina receives poor ratings on charity giving, women’s and minority advancement, and right to know; a moderate score on community involvement; good ratings on animal testing, South Africa, military and nuclear involvement; and inconclusive scores on the environment. In all, 138 companies and 1,300 brand-name products are rated on 10 social criteria. The book is $4.95 from CEP; 30 Irving Place, New York, NY10003.0r call 1-800-826-4357.