Volume 22, Number 4, 2000

Author Title Type Pages
Penda Hair Redistricting for Inclusive Democracy Article 4-6
Brenda Wright Minority Vote Dilution Is Still Illegal Article 7-10
Laughlin McDonald The Supreme Court's Recent Redistricting Decisions: Change of Heart or Lack of Interest? Article 9
Anita Hodgkiss The Department of Justice: Enforcing the Voting Rights Act Article 11-12
Ellen Spears Fighting the "New" Disfranchisement with a New Voting Rights Movement Article 14
Staff Racial Discrimination in Florida: Election 2000 Article 15-16
Angelo Ancheta Voting Rights and the New Majorities Article 17-18
Staff Why Don't Youth Vote? Young People Respond Article 18-19
Mike Sayer Fair Policies through Effective Redistricting Article 20
Mike Sayer The Power of Grassroots Organizing Article 21
Rob Richie Winning Fair Representation with Alternative Voting Systems Article 22-24
Edward Still Changing Census, Changing America Article 24-26
Angela Lee SRC Launches Nation's First Online Redistricting Service Article 27-28
Mekonnen Gessesse Redistricting in the Computer Age: A Review of Maptitude for Redistricting Article 29
Sarah Torian In Memoriam: Hosea Williams 1926 - 2000 Article 35