Volume 22, Number 3, 2001

Author Title Type Pages
Ellen Spears Captive Lives Article 3
Manning Marable Facing the Demon Head On: Institutional Racism and the Prison Industrial Complex Article 4-7
Stephen B. Bright The Death Penalty: Sober Second Thoughts about the Ultimate Weapon in the War on Crime Article 8-10, 20
Rick McDevitt Juvenile Justice "Hurts" Article 11-12
George Napper Jr. The Care and Feeding of the Prison Industrial System Article 13-15
Si Kahn Cells for Sale Article 16-20
Murphy Davis Prison Slavery Article 21-24
Sarah Torian Criminalization of Women Article 24-25
Deborah Poole A Second Chance Article 26
Marc Mauer Criminal Court as the New Voting Rights Arena Article 27-28
Raymond Luc Levasseur The Reef Article 29-30
Harmon Wray Restorative Justice Article 31-32
Nibs Stroupe REVIEWS: Death Sentences Review 34
Tony Dunbar Leasing Life Review 35-36
John Cole Vodicka The Unfinished March Review 36-37
Joseph F. Jordan Writing for His Life Review 38-39