Volume 22, Number 2, 2000

Author Title Type Pages
Wendy S. Johnson New Century Politics Article 3-4
Edwin Bender Soft Money Showered on the States: Redistricting and Election 2000 Article 4-5
Jim Hightower The FlimFlam Campaign: Corporations Buy the Conventions Article 6-7
Staff Young Voters Flee the Polls Article 8-9
Sarah E. Torian Election 2000 Across the South Article 10-13
Ellen Spears The 2000 Elections and Voting Rights Act Renewal Article 14-15
Diane Raschke Teaching "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" in South Carolina Schools Article 16
John Dittmer REVIEWS: An Essential Toughness Review 17-18
Leslie Marie Harris Civil Rights Unionism Review 18-19
Allen Tullos Film/Television: Lost Highways Review 20-22
Staff Peace and Power: Earl Theodore Shinhoster (1950-2000) Article 23
Allen Tullos Rebel with a Cause: Albert Turner, Sr. (1936-2000) Article 24-26