Volume 21, Number 2, 1999

Author Title Type Pages
Amy Wood Affirmative Action Foes: Chasing the Initiative Article 3-9
Paul Gaston My University Under Attack: The Anti-Affirmative Action Brigade Comes to Virginia Article 10-11
Barry E. Lee Reviewing The Test of Our Progress: The Clinton Record on Civil Rights: A Summary of the Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights Report Article 12-18
Laughlin McDonald Congressional Redistricting in North Carolina--Will It Never End? Article 18-19
Emily Satterwhite Seeing Appalachian Cities Article 20-22
Pat Wehner REVIEWS Review 23-24
Vicki L. Crawford Bridging the Gap Review 25-26
Allen Tullos Mississippi, Chillin' Review 27-28
Connie Curry "My Mind Stayed on Freedom" Mae Bertha Carter, 1903-1999 Article 29-30