Volume 20, Number 3, 1998

Author Title Type Pages
Winnett Hagens The "New" Disfranchisement Article 3-4
Allan J. Lichtman The Midterm Elections in the South: Another Democratic Slide? Article 4-5
Keith Reeves When A Black Face Turns Away White Votes... Article 6-7
Laughlin McDonald Redistricting at the Millennium Article 8-10
Randy Kehler Who Pays for Election Campaigns? Article 10-12
Sharon Basco Incomes/Outcomes: Campaign Finance as a Civil Rights Issue Article 13-15
Ellen Spears Getting Money Out of Politics Article 16-20
Staff State Contacts for Clean Money, Clean Elections Campaigns List 21
Rob Richie Monopoly Politics, Southern-Style Article 23-24
Sarah E. Torian Sampling the 2000 Census Article 24-25
Earl Shinhoster Criminal Disfranchisement Laws Article 26-27
James U. Blacksher Dred Scott's Unwon Freedom: The Redistricting Cases as Badges of Slavery Article 28-30
Ted Ownby BOOKS: The Culture of Whiteness Review 31-32
Winnett Hagens The Origins of Inequality Review 32-33