Volume 19, Number 3-4, 1997

Author Title Type Pages
Preston Quesenberry Globalization Drives Persistent Inequality The Climate for Workers in the U.S. 1997 Article 3-20
Alissa Mathison The New Factories in the Fields: Florida Mushroom Workers Article 21-22
Greg Guthey The New Factories in the Fields: Georgia Poultry Workers Article 23-25
Michael Honey Southern Workers and the Movement for Social Justice: Thirty Years Since Memphis Article 26-29
Kerry Taylor Saints and Villains: An Interview with Denise Giardina Article 30-32
Reginald Stuart South Carolina Denies "UPRISING" Article 33-35
Mary Frederickson BOOKS: What's A Union For?: New Perspectives on Textile Unionism in the Post-World War II South Review 36-39