Volume 18, Number 1, 1996

Author Title Type Pages
Staff Welfare Reform: States Race to the Bottom Article 1-2
Patrick Bresette Texas: Fundamentally Flawed Article 2-3
Richard Huddleston Arkansas: Flexibility for Failure Article 3-5
Steven L. Myers Virginia: Stinginess Amid Wealth Article 5-6
Marti Keller Georgia: Scapegoats and Resentments Article 6
Preston Quesenberry Work First, People Last Article 7
Joseph Lowery Voting Rights Assault: Heard This Song Before Article 8-10
Barry E. Lee Black Southern Churches Under Fire Article 11-13
Jacqueline Rouse BOOKS: Freedom's Light Review 15-16
Tal Stanley Anthologizing Appalachia Review 17-18
Rob Amberg Available Light Review 18-20
John Egerton Ruin and Redemption Review 20-21