Volume 17, Number 3-4, 1995

Author Title Type Pages
Wendy Johnson The Long Haul Article 1-2
Alex Willingham The Latest Attack on Voting Rights Article 3-5, 13
Cynthia A. McKinney A Democracy To Be Proud Of Article 6-7
Pamela S. Karlan The Supreme Court and Voting Rights: `Bizarre' Districts or Bizarre Decisions? Article 8-13
Robert J. Norrell Charles G. Gomillion Article 14-15
Gene Guerrero Anne Romaine Article 15-17
Charles M. Payne The Light of Freedom Article 19-20
Staff Meet Wendy S. Johnson, SRC's New Executive Director Article 21
Casey Hayden BOOKS: Shining in Sunflower Review 22-23
Steve Suitts Rendering Wallace Review 24-27
Tal Stanley The Place of Justice Review 27-29
Stetson Kennedy Salute to the Vanguard Review 30-31