Volume 8, Number 3, 1989

Author Title Type Pages
Steve Suitts The Poverty of Policy Article 1-3
Marilyn Davis Taking the Fifth Article 7-9
Randall Williams In Wallace's Wake--New Demagoguery for the Eighties Article 10-12
AET CDC Study Reveals--South's Hysterectomy Rate Highest Article 13-14
Hal Crowther Empty Rituals in the War on Drugs Article 14-15
Laughlin Mcdonald Uneasy Victories in the Supreme Court Article 15-18
Peter H. Wood Tombee: Portrait of a Cotton Planter Review 21-24
Jay Orr Steve Earle's Hope on the Highway Article 19-21
W.W. Finlator The Shame of Contra Aid Article 18-19
Harmon L. Wray, Jr. Cells for Sale Article 3-6