Volume 6, Number 2, 1984

Author Title Type Pages
Allen Tullos Figures of speech--High Tech Drifter Article 1-3
Ralph G. Neas Meese and Civil Rights Article 3-4
Staff Deep South Votes With Feet, Not With Hart Article 4-5
Tim Johnson LEAF Article 5-9
Trudier Harris Gloria Naylor, The Women of Brewster Place. New York: Viking Press, 1982. Penguin, 1983. Review 12-13
Nell Irvin Painter Mary, Wayfarer, An Autobiography, by Mary E. Mebane. New York: Viking Press. 1983. Review 13-14
Bess Beatty Steven Hahn, The Roots of Southern Populism: Yeomen Farmers and the Transformation of the Georgia Upcountry, 1850-1890 New York: Oxford University Press, 1983. Review 14-16
Staff The 39th Year Report of the Southern Regional Council, 1983 Article 16-20, 22-24
Staff "Winners of Lillian Smith Award" Article 21