Volume 5, Number 6, 1983

Author Title Type Pages
Steve Suitts Kissing Honest Politics Goodbye, Again? Article 1-3
Alex Willingham New Federalism and Minority Rights: After Three Years Article 3-5
Sue Bowman Blockading the Bomb Plant Article 5-7
Dan Bernstein Demonstrating at Weapon World Article 7-8
Staff The Movement Remembered: "Like A Banked Fire" Article 8-13
Gregg Jones The North Georgia Forty Article 13
Cary Fowler Reaping What We Sow Article 14-18
Elliott Gorn Fred Hobson. Tell About the South: The Southern Rage to Explain, Louisiana State University Press, 1983. Review 20-21
Harriet Swift Marie Faulk Rudisill. Truman Capote. William Morrow & Co., 1983. Review 21-23
Lawrence J. Hanks Stephen Oates. Let The Trumpet Sound: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Harper and Row, 1982. Paper edition by Plume, New American Library, 1983. Review 23-24