Volume 4, Number 1, 1981

Author Title Type Pages
Steve Suitts Amended Act Passes... Article 2-8
Staff What Does H.R. 3112 Provide? Article 9
Reubin O'D. Askew "Why the South Needs the Voting Rights Act" Article 10-13
C. Vann Woodward The Danger of Retreating from the Second Reconstruction Article 13-15
Drew Days How the Voting Rights Act is the Most Effective Act on the Books Article 16, 25-27
Woody Holton Reappointment Roundup Article 17-22
Woody Holton Court Grants Virginia A Third Swing At Redistricting Article 22-24
William Velasquez Voting Problems and Solutions Article 28-33
Raymond Brown Barriers to Voter Registration Remain Southwide Article 34-35
Vernon E. Jordan Section 5 and Voting Changes: The Heart of the Act Article 36-37
Robert Adams Voting Rights Act is Needed in New York Article 38-39
Edward Kennedy "Extend the Protections of the Act" Article 40