Volume 3, Number 1, 1980

Author Title Type Pages
Vernon Jordan Changing the Politics of Bitterness Article 3
Clint Deveaux 1981 Alabama and Georgia Legislatures: Revenue and Spending Top Priorities Article 4-5
Staff New Project To Assist Officials Article 5
Betty Norwood Chaney and Steve Suitts A Defeated Herman Talmadge and the Black Vote Article 6-8, 22-23
Steve Suitts Southern Republicans for a Change Article 10-13
Staff Conservative Republicans Take Washington Seats Article 14
Mary Frances Derfner South Carolina Senate Remains Totally White Article 14-15, 22
Staff Black/White Voting in the South Article 15
Wayne Greenhaw Woodcutters Organize: Echoes of Change in the South's Backwoods Article 16-19, 22
Randall Williams Blacks Elected in Wilcox County Article 20-21, 22