Volume 2, Number 5, 1980

Author Title Type Pages
Steve Suitts Interchange Article 2-3
Ray Gavins The Impact of Desegregation on Society: Are Values Changing? Article 5-9
Bettie Green Stokes The South: Its Attitudes and Changes, Its People Article 10-11
Peter B. Young Greensboro Deaths Were Foretold Article 12
Terry Keeter The Unmaking of a Black Candidate: Memphis Article 13-15
Marge Manderson Affirmative Inaction in Blackbelt Governments Article 16-18
Norma Dyess Women and Minorities in Louisiana Elections Despair or Hope? Article 19-23
Betsy Brinson ERA and the South Article 24-25
Southerners for Economic Justice Workers' Compensation Systems Article 26-27
Steve Suitts Federal Trade Commission Article 28