Volume 1, Number 7, 1979

Author Title Type Pages
Betty Norwood Chaney Interchange: In This Issue Article 2
Steve Suitts Renewal and Endurance: A Personal View Article 4-5
Leslie Dunbar The Role of Law in the South Article 6-8
Wallace Terry Human Rights: From the South to South Africa" Article 9-13
Ray Marshall Facing the Universal Imperatives Article 16-18
Bill Finger J.P. Stevens Workers Seek 'Some of the Harvest' Article 19-21
Alice Swift Eatonton, Georgia: Rural Black Community Organizes for Change Article 22-23
Diane Johnston EDUCATION: The Issue of Desegregation Article 25
Robert Morris SOUTHERN POLITICS: Judge Robert Collins Speaks Article 26
Jean Jones SOUTHERN POLITICS:Panelists look at Southern Political System Article 26-27
Janet Terry URBAN AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT:Solutions to Southern Rural Problems Sought Article 27-28