Volume 1, Number 2, 1978

Author Title Type Pages
Betty Norwood Chaney Interchange: In This Issue Article 2
Harvey Gates Hilldrup's Dilemma Is Not All Black And White Article 3-4
Steve Suitts The Courtesy of Becoming a Federal Judge Article 6, 7, 23
Christena Bledsoe Vivian Malone Jones and the VEP: From Integration to Voter Registration Article 8-10
Marcia Cross-Briscoe Atlanta Metro School Suit: A Search for Equality Article 11-12
Jerry Bledsoe Dooty's Last Stand Article 13-15
Bill Cutler 'My Soul Is Rested' Stirs Unrest In Marketing Article 16-18
Sylvia Crudup Cole THE CHAINS THAT BIND: ERA and the Southern Black Woman Article 19-21
Steve Suitts The Unchanged Patterns of Changing Migration Article 21-23
Dave Miller ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Minority Participation in Construction Of Atlanta Airport Article 24-25